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California Cryo

Body Contour Lounge

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Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Text or Call  209-454-7714 to get more information and prices.

*Website is under construction. Thank you for your patience!*

Individual Services

BCX Rife Therapy

  • Coming Soon

PEMF (A.K.A Magnetic Therapy)

  •  Coming Soon


  •  Coming Soon


  • Noninvasive, Nonsurgical Skin Tightening & Lifting. Can be used almost anywhere on your body. 
    • Nonsurgical Face Lift
    • Hifu Hand Rejuvenation
    • Noninvasive Hifu Vaginal Tightening- Coming Soon!

Laser Lipo

  • Noninvasive Laser Lipo Fat Dissolve

Cryo Chamber

  • Walk-In Cryo Chamber w/ Monthly Memberships available. Ask us about our pricing!

Cryoskin Regular or Extended​ Toning Session

  • Tone and smooth areas with cellulite or loose skin.                                                                                                  60-70 min long appointment

Cryoskin Regular or Extended Slimming Session

  • Any one part of the body you choose to target: arms, stomach, thighs, love handles, back area, buttocks.           60-70 min long appointment

Cryoskin Facial

  • Instantly tighten, tone, and smooth your face, neck and décolleté                                                                            60 min long appointment

Cryoskin Double Chin/Neck

  • Perfect for the chin area that you've battled way too long!                                                                                            30 min long appointment

Red Light Therapy Bed 

$75 Monthly Unlimited Experience the benefits of Red Light Therapy Bed. Recommended 5-20 minutes, 3-4 times per week.  Unlimited membership may be canceled with 30 days written request. Services are non-transferable to another client. no exceptions.

Lymphatic Vibration Machine

  • $1 per minute or $20 Monthly Unlimited A quick and easy way to detox your lymphatic system and helps your body get rid of fat more efficiently by standing on a vibrating plate while it gently shakes you and helps clear out your lymphatic system. $20 Vibration Plate Unlimited membership may be canceled at anytime.

Additional Services

  • Detox, Pain Relief, Parasite Detox, Inflammation, and More by Working Off Your Body’s Individual Frequencies

Free No Obligation Consultation