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California Cryo

Body Contour Lounge

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cryoskin?

Cryoskin is a revolutionary technology that provides three types of services. The Peltier effect creates the perfect conditions to permanently remove fat cells, smooth & tone loose skin and cellulite and diminish fine lines and wrinkles without damaging surrounding tissue. The machine produces precise sub zero temperatures that comes through the hand held wand which is then placed on your skin.

It is completely non-invasive, painless, safe and there is no recovery time. This is not another cream, scrub or massage. It's a proven biological process, that uses science to work with your body’s natural systems. Target that stubborn fat, cellulite, loose skin and wrinkles with ease.

We have been thoroughly trained by the Cryoskin company to get you your desired results!

 What does it feel like?

The Slimming treatments start off with 2 minutes of heat using the Cryoskin wand, then it is followed by 28-40 minutes of cold depending on the targeted area. This creates a thermal shock of the fat cells that results in their destruction. We end the session with another minute of heat on the area. 

The Toning and Facial sessions are the same except these services don't use any heat.

What is the aftercare?

After your Cryoskin Slimming sessions you should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water for at least the first 3 days, but preferably two weeks. It is important not eat carbs or sugars 2 hours before or after your sessions.  Best results if you can avoid them up to 4 hours after.  A quick and easy  lymphatic detox is also recommended after this treatment to help the body lose the fat more easily. We have a machine in house that does just that. There may be slight redness in the area that subsides within 24 hours. There is no downtime or painful recoveries with Cryoskin!

How often can I do it?

Slimming sessions can be done once every 2 weeks on a single area. This gives your body time to filter out the waste from the dead fat cells through your lymphatic system and urine.

Toning sessions can be preformed every week. 

How long do the results last?

The first results are generally visible after the first session and often very encouraging.  Best results appear from 15 day to 3 weeks after the start of the first session and extend for several months after the end of the treatments. 

Please let us if you have any of the following conditions, as it may affect whether you can receive a Cryo session

 *Lymphatic disorders                         *Active/Past Cancer                              *Severe Diabetes                        *Raynaud's Syndrome   *Eczema, rashes or dermatitis           *Kidney or Liver Disease                     * Progressive Diseases ( MS, ALS, etc)

 *HIV/AIDS                                         *Surgery in the past 6 months              *Pregnant or Breast feeding           

 *Open or Infected wounds                 *Surgery in the past 6 months              *Pacemaker/Metal Implants

 * Any other illness or condition not listed