Cryoskin Sonora

Cryoskin is a cutting edge technology that has recently come to the US from Paris.  It was created by a well known French doctor who wanted to offer the latest beauty  and weight-loss technology to the world. 

We are lucky to have on of the Cryoskin machines, as there are only around a thousand in the US- making our services exclusive and affordable.  

We offer 3 Safe & Non Invasive Services: 

Cryo Slimming, Cryo Toning and Cryo Facials

 Slimming Session:  Uses sub zero temperatures and heat to permanently destroy fat cells without harming surrounding tissue. These dead cells are removed through  the lymphatic system.  Individuals may loose  .5" - 2" inches per session!

The best results occur around 3-5 sessions, depending on the  goal of the individual.

Toning Session:  Uses sub zero temperatures to  target cellulite and loose skin by cooling the subcutaneous target area. This expands  the blood vessels creating more collagen helping  break down the fibers that cause dimpling and loose skin.

Facial Sessions:  Toted as a non invasive face lift. More natural than Botox and can be just as effective. It also creates vasodilation, bringing in more collagen to break down the fine lines and wrinkles.   

Our Staff

Tracie Santos


Hey everybody! My name is Tracie and I am the owner and  chief Cryoskin technician here at Cryoskin Sonora. Having struggled with weight all my life and having surgery a year ago, my passion is helping people reach their goals and understand the issues that come with body image. 

I did research with my weight loss surgery and the journey afterwards and found Cryoskin. I  was blown away by the real results backed by science. It has been my mission ever since to share the benefits of this incredible technology with everyone. 

I work closely with each client to determine how to reach their body goals.  I love helping each person feel confident with their results, and my motto is "Love Yourself!"